Frequently Asked Questions
We save Teachers time in the classroom by making learning easy, fast and child appropriate for your class.
Why should I choose searchitup! ?
Yes, searchitup! is all about curriculum alignment. We also make it easy to share Activities and Topicals created by Teachers across the globe.
Can I keep my lessons aligned to the curriculum?
Yes, searchitup! is all about connecting the classroom and home. We make it simple for all users by just requiring a class code to be entered!
Does searchitup! foster parent engagement?
“I’m completely blown away by searchitup! I’m loving the ability to learn what my children are most interested in learning about both at home and at school”
What Parents are saying
Sanjay A.
Parent Engagement
Get a sense of parent engagement. The Parent Engagement Report shows logins by parents by date and when they are connected at home.
Classroom Leaderboard
Engage students in the classroom in a fun way with searchitup! leaderboards. Students are encouraged to use and learn through search and are rewarded with searchbit and searchbyte coins. Students can enhance their searchitup! experiences with coins they earn.
In The Classroom
searchitup! provides Teachers with a suite of tools to both manage and report on their classroom. Parents at home can connect with class codes. Once connected, parents can see what’s happening in the classroom in an interactive way.
Classroom Management
Add/Remove/Edit Students for your classes. Establish rules for your classroom for how your students can interact with other students. Don't have time to set up individual accounts for your students? We make it easy, students can join and access searchitup! simply by entering in a class code!
Student Activity Report
A detailed report of all Students in the classroom and how they are doing with respect to all activities assigned. Align searchitup! to your curriculum, and enable teachers to view student work organized by skill or standard.
Assessments & Grading
Assign a 1-5 star rating to each activity for every student. Run reports to get a real-time understanding of how your students are progressing toward key curriculum goals and inform instruction.
Sharable Activity & Topical Libraries
Support every student with Activities and Topicals that are shared across the globe. Search by grade level, subject, and keyword to find activities made by real teachers like you. Customize any activity or create your own to differentiate learning. Discover activities to use today. Connect with resources world-wide to share thought learning perspectives.
Citation Wizard
Assists students with properly listing sources of their research. Teachers can choose what activities require citations.
Objectivity Wizard
Objectivity Wizard – Based on grade level, Objectivity Wizard teaches students to think about the source of information and helps them to better validate fact from fiction. Depending on the grade, students are presented with Objectivity Wizard cards to help question, verify and validate the source of information contained on a particular website or document.

Objectivity Wizard cards are grade specific and are presented to students each time they make a citation to a given website, document or link. Objectivity cards teach students to think about the sources they are citing, the underlying motivations of the website including advertising vs. education, authenticity, credibility, and verifying the credentials of the author.
We make searching fun! As students sharpen their search skills they earn searchitup! coins. Coins can be used to enhance the search experience by giving students the ability to add customizations and fun search interfaces to make searching that much more fun and interactive.
Quizzes are a fun way to learn and challenge students. Set up quizzes for any topic and have the class compete in a safe space.
Students do a lot of learning in groups. With Searchlaborate, students are assigned to a group with a topic and then are off to the “search races”. Via an innovative and collaborative search interface, group members search, bookmark, add citations based on the assigned topic and their shared results form the basis of their research.
Topicals are “mini” search engines created by Teachers for a specific grade level and subject and most importantly, a specific Topic, ie. “Ancient Civilizations”. Why Topicals you ask? Save time when teaching by keeping the search results relevant, content appropriate and fact based in your classroom.
Assign Activities that are created by Teachers and customized by grade-level and subject and that are easily aligned to the curriculum.

For example, get your class using searchitup! with the Activity:  "Tallest Mountains in the World", or “US Rivers and Mountains” knowing that the results returned are age and content appropriate. Share with and borrow from existing Activities developed by fellow teachers to keep your students learning!
Students can complete assignments via a document style editor or drawing on a digital canvas
How It Works
Create and assign Activities to your classroom on any topic. Endless engagement, all in a fun way.
Curriculum Aligned Searching!
Teach your students one of the most valuable skills required today: effective searching. Equip young learners with the skills they need to be objective and teach them to properly cite their sources.
Teach Effective Searching
Parents can see how searchitup! is being used in the classroom.

Learning extends beyond the classroom and parents can see their child’s work and progress at school when searchitup! is used in the classroom. The end result is increased collaboration and engagement inside and out of the classroom.
Foster Parent Engagement
Empower your students with modern critical thinking skills and change the way they discover and process the Internet.
Change The Way Your
Students Think
Curriculum Learning. Engaging. Easy. Fun.
searchitup! is a revolutionary new search engine designed to meet the needs of young learners. Built with a focus on Teachers, Students and Family Engagement, searchitup! includes a child friendly voice search assistant and is dedicated to students researching the Internet in a safe & educational manner.