searchitup! is a specialized search engine that makes curriculum-aligned learning easy, engaging and fun!
searchitup! is a revolutionary new search engine featuring a child friendly voice search assistant designed specifically for the needs of young learners.
Compatible on most devices, searchitup! can be deployed within weeks across your entire district. We’ll work with you, training you and your teachers.
Quick & Easy Implementation
Your teachers can create and assign activities for their classroom on any topic. Endless engagement all in a fun way via a search engine designed especially for young learners.
Curriculum Aligned Searching!
Imagine giving your teachers a whole search engine dedicated to students learning through innovative ways of researching the Internet in a safe and effective manner.
Enhance your building with  searchitup!
Empower Your Schools With Search!
As a school leader on searchitup!, you’ll get:
   Free training tailored to your needs and your teachers.
   A dedicated School Success Manager to provide support and implementation management.
   Comprehensive dashboard with progress and usage reports from the district down to the class level.
For Teachers and Schools
Across your school or district, you’ll enjoy:
   Comprehensive reporting. You’ll access data that illustrates student growth and engagement, as well as classroom usage.
   Engaging, differentiated learning experiences for students through a whole new search engine designed for young learners.
School Libraries
    Turbo charge your libraries with a completely new search engine designed for young learners.
    Compatible on most devices, searchitup!
“I’m completely blown away by searchitup! I’m loving the ability to learn what my children are most interested in learning about both at home and at school”
What Parent is saying
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